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27 Best Things to Do in Trogir Croatia (Local’s Guide)

Traveling to Trogir? You’ve just landed on the ultimate local guide to the best things to do in Trogir Croatia.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trogir’s well-preserved medieval architecture makes it a living museum. But don’t think for a second it’s just an old town stuck in time. Trogir dazzles with white-stone streets and a waterfront that’s always buzzing with activity.

It’s as much about the here and now as it is about the past. In fact, National Geographic even called it the most beautiful island city in the world.

Now, I’ve been visiting Trogir religiously since 2015—usually multiple times a year. I’ve got family ties and local friends here, making each trip a special experience that’s close to my heart.

Blending my own travel stories with insider tips from those who know Trogir best, I’ve curated this guide to give you the best the town has to offer. My goal? To make sure you get the most authentic and enjoyable experience while you’re here.

Whether you need options for what to do in Trogir for a day or plan to spend your entire vacation in the city, you won’t be disappointed.

So without further ado, here are my handpicked recommendations for the best things to do in Trogir, Croatia.

27 Best Things to Do in Trogir, Croatia

1. Meander through the Old Town streets

Forget the maps; the real magic of Trogir lies in aimlessly strolling its ancient, cobblestone streets. Each twisting laneway leads to a new discovery. You’ll come upon charming courtyards, witness locals meeting in the alley for a chat, and uncover hidden ateliers all while a breeze carries the delicious scent of homemade Dalmatian cooking through the air.

I have a favorite little square which is hidden away from all of the major sites. To find it, stand in front of City Hall (facing it), turn right, and stroll about 100 meters down the cobblestone path. Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it—usually, there’s a red motorbike parked nearby. 😉

A woman in a cream colored dress walking through the white stone streets of Trogir with her back turned to the camera. In front of her is the entrance to a beautiful courtyard filled with flowers and plants.

2. Dive deep into history at Trogir City Museum

In a town often described as an “open-air museum,” you might think a visit to a museum would be overkill. But I encourage you to step inside Trogir City Museum for a different kind of insight.

Here, you can dig deeper into the town’s past, with artifacts dating back to the 3rd century BC, and exhibits that reveal more about the stories etched into Trogir’s ancient stones. Plus, if the weather turns on you, it’s a great spot to stay dry and keep exploring.

3. Marvel at the St. Lawrence Cathedral and Bell Tower

No Trogir exploration is complete without a stop at this architectural masterpiece. Built over four centuries, the cathedral’s west entrance, or Radovan’s Portal, is a piece of art in itself. Crafted in 1240 by local artist Master Radovan, it’s considered one of the most important medieval portals in this part of Europe.

After you’ve finished admiring the elaborate portal, don’t skip climbing the bell tower for unbelievable views of the town. Since the bell tower was constructed in stages across several centuries, you will notice three different architectural styles in its design – this is definitely a must see in Trogir! Be aware that the stairs are very steep, but the all-around views at the top are worth the climb.

Looking up at the towering bell tower of St. Lawrence Cathedral in Trogir framed by a stone railing. The sky is a light shade of blue with a few white clouds floating.

4. Admire the timeless elegance of the Clock Tower

Located just opposite the Cathedral of St. Lawrence is the Trogir Clock Tower. This isn’t just any clock tower; it’s a 15th-century piece of art with a charming light-blue dial and a radiant orange tiled roof. It was previously attached to Church of St. Sebastian and is still in operation to this day.

Though you can see it while standing on the main square, you can get an even better view of it from the St. Lawrence Cathedral bell tower. This time-keeping marvel is part of Trogir’s rich heritage and a testament to the town’s craftsmanship.

A view of the Trogir Clock Tower from the cathedral bell tower. The clock tower is surrounded by beautiful white stone buildings, all featuring orange tiled rooftops.

5. Step into history at the Loggia

Positioned right next to the Clock Tower on the main square, this 13th-century open-air pavilion gives you a glimpse into Venetian influence. Back in the day, the Loggia likely served as a courtroom. Adding to its historical vibe, the north wall used to feature a lion sculpture in the (now) empty space above the judge’s table, a nod to its Venetian roots.

The Loggia also features an eye-catching relief by renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Keep your ears open—occasionally, local A capella groups (klapa) give impromptu performances here, turning history into a live stage.

6. Check out the Cipiko Palace facade

Trogir was once home to a number of noble families that built their palaces within the medieval town walls (oftentimes, they were connected to Venetian rulers). Just across from the cathedral is an example of one – Cipiko Palace, a 15th century mansion composed of several buildings connected into one.

During the Early Renaissance, Cipiko Palace was the residence of the very prominent Cipiko family. The wealth and strategic marriages fabricated by the father and son of the family enabled them to acquire two palaces, thus completely occupying the western side of the piazza. Though the mansion is not open to the public, the beautiful gothic facade visible from the square is truly a show-stopping piece of art.

7. Discover the hidden gem of City Hall (Knezev Dvor)

Nestled right beside the famous cathedral on the main square, City Hall isn’t just any old historical building. It’s a living testament to Trogir’s political and economic power throughout the ages. Built in the 13th century and later renovated in the late 19th century, this majestic structure seamlessly blends different time periods in a beautiful display of art and architecture.

Wander into its secluded inner courtyard for a photo-worthy nook, complete with a charming staircase and antique lamp post.

A woman leaning back on an intricate white stone water well in the city hall atrium in Trogir, surrounded by gorgeous white stone walls featuring arches and corinthian columns in the background.
The courtyard of Knezev Dvor and my very first photo from Trogir back in 2015.

8. People watch on the Piazza

At the heart of Trogir’s vibrant social scene lies the enchanting Piazza, an exquisite central square that seems to have been plucked straight from the picturesque streets of Italy. Adorned with historic Venetian townhouses and a portico, this bustling square is a nice and relaxing haven away from the tourist-laden riva.

The Renaissance architecture, the Romanesque Church of St. Lawrence, and ancient palaces that surround the square make the Piazza one of the most beautiful places in Trogir. My favorite spot to sit is outside at Corte Bar by the steps of the loggia – they have the best coffee and seating on the square.

A view of the Trogir Clock Tower and Loggia from the top of the bell tower. Around them are buildings made of beautiful white stone, all featuring orange tiled rooftops. A sliver of the blue Adriatic Sea can be seen in the distance.

9. Peek into the Benedictine Monastery

Step into the time capsule that is the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas. This thousand-year-old monastery is home to a remarkable collection of treasures, including the famous relief of Kairos preserved from the 4th century.

Explore rich history of Trogir as you step into an awe-inspiring complex consisting of a church, courtyard, and museum. This remarkable site dates back to the earliest Greek settlement, with the museum proudly housing the renowned carved Kairos relief, discovered in Trogir itself. Today, Kairos stands as a symbol of Trogir—representing luck, opportunity, and fleeting moments of joy.

A view looking up to the sky in the atrium of the Benedictine Monastery, one of the best things to do in Trogir. The atrium is surrounded by white stone buildings. There are three Renaissance-style windows featuring stained glass visible, each with a pot of purple flowers on the windowsills.

10. Soak up panoramic views from Kamerlengo Castle

Perched at the edge of the Riva, Kamerlengo Castle offers sweeping vistas of Trogir from its historic walls and towers. Built in 1437 as a stronghold for the Venetian military, this fortress isn’t as well-preserved as other castles in Croatia, but the views from its towers more than make up for it.

Climb up to the top for a small fee to take in stunning views of orange rooftops, waterfront promenade down below, and majestic mountains in the distance. For an even more magical experience, time your visit for sunset. This is my favorite time to visit the fortress, when the sky erupts in a kaleidoscope of purple and pink hues.

But it’s not just about the views. During the summer months, the castle’s weathered walls and vast courtyard are transformed into a hub of cultural activity, hosting concerts and festivals that attract both locals and tourists.

The view of Trogir's waterfront promenade from the tower of Kula Kamerlengo fortress. The promenade is lined with ships on the side of the Adriatic Sea. People are seen walking down the promenade.
Sunset view on a misty day from Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir.

11. Dive into local flavors at the Farmers Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the open-air market for an authentic local experience. Explore the stalls, where regional merchants showcase an array of seasonal produce, fragrant honey, aromatic lavender, locally pressed olive oil, and even homemade wine.

The best time to visit the market is in the morning, as you witness the vendors meticulously arranging their displays of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will also be the time when the goods are the most fresh!

Grab some peaches and apricots to take to the beach with you for a refreshing snack after swimming. Pro tip for August visitors: don’t leave without tasting the mind-blowingly delicious figs. They are definitely worth the splurge. While prices don’t differ much from stall to stall, a little haggling never hurt anyone. Just remember, it’s cash-only territory!

A fruit stand at the local farmers market in Trogir where peaches, apricots, cherries, and grapes are on display on a table. A few bunches of bananas are hanging from a cord above the table.

12. Elevate your coffee game

If you love a good cup of specialty coffee like I do, then you need to visit both of these cafes in Trogir. Tinel has been around for a few years already, serving specialty coffee in a lovely little courtyard surrounded by stone walls and lush greenery – it’s a super cute spot to sip your morning coffee or stop by for an afternoon break. They also have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and flaky croissants.

A new spot that just opened in 2023 is the darling specialty coffee shop, Chi. This place is tiny, so you’ll be lucky to snag a spot. Their coffee is some of the best specialty coffee I’ve had served in artisanal handmade mugs (that you can also purchase to take home as a souvenir). Because of its small space, Chi is popular for grabbing coffee to go.

Two coffees, a Cortado and Macchiato, in handmade artisan cups on a wooden tray with two silver spoons. The tray sits on a stone windowsill with part of a wooden windows visible on the left, and the stone street on the right.
Coffee on the stone windowsill at Chi in Trogir.

13. Stroll down the riva

Arguably one of the most beautiful waterfronts (called a riva in the Croatian language) in the country, you simply cannot miss a walk down the Trogir promenade. The riva is the most popular area in Trogir, stretching the entire length of the island.

Flanked with swaying palm trees and inviting cafes, the riva is buzzing at all times of the day. You’ll spot people strolling, stopping to chat, sipping coffee, and enjoying lunch with a view of the sea. In the summertime, sleek boats and opulent yachts dock at the riva too, making it truly a sight to behold.

Trogir waterfront promenade on a partly cloudy day. On the promenade there are tall, thick palm trees and large, white umbrellas providing shade for the cafes that line the promenade. There is a stone church tower on the left.

14. Find St. Mark’s Tower

Just past Kamerlengo Fortress, keep strolling until you stumble upon a surreal sight: a soccer field framed by medieval walls! On the right end of the field you’ll see Kamerlengo Castle, and on the left side is St. Mark’s Tower.

It’s an intriguing blend of history and modernity that only Trogir could pull off. Imagine the experience of dribbling a soccer ball with a 15th-century fortress as your backdrop!

St. Mark’s Tower is a Renaissance-style structure that was once part of the ancient city walls that have since been dismantled. While the tower is closed to the public, it remains a beautiful reminder of the city’s past.

15. Take a dip at Okrug Gornji beach

Venture over the Stari Most (Old Bridge) to Čiovo Island, and you’ll be greeted by Okrug Gornji—a glorious stretch of almost 2 kilometers of pebbly enclaves perfect for families, thanks to the shallow waters, an aqua park, and a playground. It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t like wearing water shoes!

But this strip of Trogir beaches is more than just a swimming spot. An endless selection of cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and snack bars line the beach, ensuring you’re well-fueled for a day in the sun. Across the street there’s also a bakery, two grocery stores, and a few spots to purchase floaties and swimming accessories.

Getting to Okrug Gornji Beach is a breeze. It’s just a quick 10-minute drive from Trogir, or you can hop on a taxi boat that runs regularly from the waterfront promenade, just in front of Kamerlengo Fortress.

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    16. Unwind at Laganini Beach Bar

    Čiovo Island’s coolest oasis, Laganini Beach Bar, is perfectly perched on the coast of Duboka Uvala. This upscale and breezy bar is a great place to relax: just picture lounge-style seating and cabanas up against beautiful dry stone walls with whiffs of lavender and rosemary floating through the air.

    Pop in to Laganini to sip on crafty cocktails, munch on light bites, and absorb the laid-back vibes. For a truly indulgent day, rent a double lounger and let the sea views mesmerize you.

    On a budget? No worries. Just step next door to Camp Labadusa. Here, you can lounge on the shores of Duboka Uvala for free and enjoy equally fantastic food and drinks at the camp’s cafe and restaurant.

    A view of Laganini Beach Bar on Ciovo Island. The beach bar emulates a Mediterranean-style garden featuring white umbrellas and white flowers, cabanas in the distance with flowy white curtains, and seating built into the dry stone walls. There is a large pine tree in the middle providing additional shade.
    Laganini Beach Bar

    17. Snorkel at the Blue Lagoon

    Out of all the things to see in Trogir, the Blue Lagoon is by far the most dazzling. This famous turquoise bay is sandwiched between three islands: Drvenik Veli, Krknjaš Mali, and Krknjaš Veli.

    The only way to reach the Blue Lagoon is to either rent your own boat and make the short 40-minute journey to the lagoon, or set sail on an organized boat tour. The Blue Lagoon is typically combined with in the 3 Island Boat Tours that leave from Trogir’s waterfront promenade daily.

    A day trip to this cerulean paradise is one of my favorite ways to spend the day in Trogir – the scenery is unmatched! Once you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the vivid blues and crystal-clear waters, perfect for snorkeling. Just keep your eyes peeled for sharks along the Adriatic Coast.

    An aerial view of the blue lagoon near Trogir Croatia. The water is turquoise with sections shaded dark blue. There are boats and yachts of various sizes floating in the water, and a little island covered in green trees in the distance.

    18. Trek to Gospa od Prizidnice

    My top pick for hikes around Trogir, this secluded sanctuary is a Croatia hidden gem perched on the cliffs of Čiovo Island. A path leads to a quaint church and ancient convent dating back to 1546. You can either drive to the beginning of the path, or start your hike from the village of Slatine.

    The real showstopper of Gospa od Prizidnice is the panoramic view overlooking the islands of Šolta and Brač. This is one of the more fun things to do in Trogir if you are visiting during shoulder season (May or September) as the mild weather grants the opportunity to take in the scenery. However, if you visit in summer, you can jump off the cliffs and into the sea for a refreshing swim!

    A view of the jagged and rocky cliffs dotted with pine trees on the south side of Ciovo Island. Built into the cliffs is a small church with an orange tiled roof. On the lefthand side is the blue Adriatic Sea with a few large rocks jutting out of the water. The sky is blue and a helicopter is visible in the air, flying close to the cliffs of the island.

    19. Catch the sunset from Kozjak Mountain

    If you have a rental car and are a sucker for sunsets, make a beeline for Malačka on Kozjak Mountain. Just a 25-minute drive away from Trogir, Malačka provides a spectacular view of the sunset over the towns of Kaštela.

    The peaceful setting was actually built to commemorate the soldiers who died in the Homeland War and is often visited today by hikers scaling Kozjak Mountain.

    20. Saddle up at Ranch Evala

    Located near Malačka, Ranch Evala offers one of the most unique things to do near Trogir: horseback riding along ancient Roman paths. It’s a fantastic way to connect with nature and explore the scenic landscapes, especially during golden hour when the sun begins to set. This could also make for a really romantic date night activity!

    21. Embark on a day trip to Krka National Park

    If you’re looking for national park day trips from Trogir, visiting Plitvice Lakes might be a stretch, but Krka National Park is only an hour away and well worth the visit. The park is best known for its striking Skradinski Buk waterfall, but there’s more to see, including other waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails, and even a chance to spot Croatia’s national animal.

    Don’t miss out on lunch at Roski Slap while you’re there. It’s a cool spot where you can dine as the waterfall’s waters rush around your feet! It’s a pretty nice way to take a break and soak in the surroundings.

    You can visit the park on your own, or you can book a group tour that conveniently picks you up from Trogir. Either way, a day at Krka is a day well spent!

    A series of waterfalls at Krka National Park rushing into a crystal clear lake that is shades of green and blue. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush green trees.

    22. Explore the charms of Šibenik

    This beautiful town is so close to Trogir that you can effortlessly make it part of your Krka National Park escapade, especially if you’ve got a rental car at your disposal. Šibenik boasts an alluring blend of history, architecture, and sea views. It’s like taking a walk through a Croatian storybook, complete with ancient fortresses and a stunning cathedral.

    While there, make sure to stop by St. Jacob’s Cathedral. Not only is this spot a gorgeous photo op, but it’s also a historical landmark. The Cathedral was built in the 13th century and is an amazing example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Step inside to fully grasp its magnificent scale. Fancy a ‘taste’ of history? Swing by Yum Pastry Shop, where you can indulge in a cake modeled after the cathedral itself!

    >>Don’t miss out on these other awesome things to do in Šibenik when you visit.<<

    A woman walking toward St. James Cathedral in Sibenik Croatia - she appears so tiny next to the giant white stone church.

    23. Time-travel to Drvenik Island

    If the hustle and bustle of Trogir has you craving some solitude, Drvenik Island is where you’ll want to be. A quick ferry ride from Trogir’s waterfront promenade will transport you to a land where time stands still—literally.

    Cars roam without license plates and the pace is positively unhurried. Apart from the single restaurant, bakery, and small store, it’s all about the simplicity here. The ferry will drop you off right in front of Konoba Jure where you can enjoy a refreshing drink before taking a dip in front of the Old Castle where the sea is transparently clear.

    If off-the-beaten-path is your travel mantra, Drvenik is your sanctuary.

    A boat floating in the crystal clear water on Drvenik Island with old, white stone houses and sailboats visible in the background.
    A hand holding a glass bottle of Pipi, Croatia's version of orange soda, up in the air with sailboats and the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea in the background.

    24. Savor the legendary Trogirski Rafiol

    The culinary scene in Trogir isn’t complete without sampling the famous Trogirski Rafiol. This delectable cookie has a backstory as rich as its flavors.

    Legend has it that a lovely lady named Rafioli was once imprisoned in the Kamerlengo Fortress, and to pass her time, she baked these unique cookies. Whatever the tale, the modern-day treat is a delicious pastry filled with ground almonds and a sprinkle of spices, all beautifully sugar-coated. They pair perfectly with a cup of coffee, and you can try them at Đovani.

    A hand with pink nail polish holding up a rafiol cookie in front of the sign at Dovani in Trogir.
    A close up of rafiol cookies covered in sparkling sugar crystals.

    25. Sample the best restaurants in Trogir

    One of the top things to do in Trogir is to enjoy local cuisine at the town’s best restaurants. Here’s where to eat in Trogir:

    • FRANKA – FRANKA is a lovely family-run restaurant tucked away in the charming stone alleyways of Trogir. This restaurant boasts traditional cuisine with a twist along with modern Mediterranean dishes.
    • Murtila Trogir – Trogir’s newest pizzeria and the only spot in town where you can get absolutely delicious Neapolitan-style pizza. Try their mortadella and pistachio or the burrata with bresaola and pumpkin sauce!
    • Mirkec – Located right on the main waterfront promenade (which I’d usually recommend to be wary of) but in this case, Mirkec is a solid choice. They’ve got everything from classic Croatian pizzas to pastas and even a few seafood options like their octopus salad.
    • Konoba Trs Trogir – an intimate restaurant located in the heart of the town, Konoba Trs offers a unique dining experience. The small but varied menu is made from fresh local ingredients and each dish is creatively prepared. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, and 5-star service, it’s easy to see why this place has become so popular among visitors.
    • Gelato Bar Bella – Almost every city in the world has ice cream for tourists, and the truth is, most of them are not homemade. Gelato Bar Bella, on the other hand, serves the real stuff: ridiculously delicious homemade gelato. They have an amazing selection of flavors including my personal favorites: dark chocolate and fig with ricotta.
    White tables and light green chairs situated in a charming square surrounded by white stone buildings. There is a stone staircase in the background with a white iron railing that is lined with potted plants and greenery.
    The charming courtyard at FRANKA restaurant in Trogir.

    26. Support the Artisans at Local Shops

    Whether you’re a souvenir hunter or just love one-of-a-kind discoveries, Trogir Croatia’s local businesses have you covered. For a lasting memento, check out the filigree jewelry at one of the specialized gold shops in town. I own a pair of filigree earrings and a ring that serve as constant reminders of my beautiful memories from Croatia.

    If you love handmade local goods, one shop you shouldn’t miss is Trogir Experience. From intricately designed jewelry and artisan ceramics to engaging cookbooks and quirky trinkets, it’s the perfect place to find a piece of Trogir to take back home with you.

    27. Wake up at Čokolada Cafe

    One of my favorite places to spend an early morning in Trogir is at cafe Čokolada. Located outside of the Old Town center, you can find Čokolada by following the newly paved waterfront path from the main parking lot toward the Croatian Veterans Bridge.

    A ten-minute walk will lead you to this charming cafe situated on the official city beach (not the best beach for swimming in my opinion, but a nice place to relax nonetheless). Picture this: red French-style chairs nestled under olive trees and vines, the sea stretching beyond, and a laid-back atmosphere.

    The coffee is on point, and the gentle morning breeze under the olive trees makes it a slice of heaven. Bonus: It’s dog friendly too 🐶

    A close up of a hand holding a black ceramic cup of coffee sitting on a white saucer with green vines in the background.
    Vibrant red iron chairs and a table situated in a garden with green grass and vines providing shade and privacy.

    Is Trogir Worth Visiting?

    Absolutely! Trogir is an absolute gem that should not be missed. It conveniently fits into your Croatia itinerary as a delightful day trip from Split or as a charming stop during your Croatia road trip.

    If this list hasn’t convinced you to add Trogir to your list of must-see travel destinations, nothing will. From the stunning blue hues of the Blue Lagoon to the picturesque Italian-style squares and medieval buildings that make up the town, there are countless reasons why Trogir should be at the top of your Croatia bucket list.

    How to Get to Trogir

    By Local Bus (from Split): Getting to Trogir by bus is easy and relatively inexpensive. If you have a flexible schedule, then you may want to catch a local bus from Split (the bus leaves every 30 minutes) and take it to Trogir. The journey can take up to 45 minutes because the bus stops at many smaller towns and villages along the way, but it’s a great way to experience the local life.

    By Coach: A coach bus is perhaps the quickest and most convenient way to reach Trogir. Two companies I recommend are Flixbus or GetbyBus. They are reliable, air conditioned, and will get you to Trogir the quickest. They leave from Split, Zadar, and Sibenik, giving you plenty of options to organize an affordable day trip to Trogir.

    By Boat: You can also get to Trogir by boat from Split. The Bura Line runs regular ferry services to Trogir, with a journey time of 45-60 minutes and fares starting at around 23 kunas. A great option if you fancy seeing some of the stunning Croatian coastline along the way!  You can find out more about the Bura Line on their official website.

    By Car: If you hire a car in Split, it takes just 30 minutes to reach Trogir. There is parking available right beside the main bus station and you can simply walk across the bridge to Trogir’s Old Town. When renting a car in Croatia, I always recommend using Discover Cars for the best rates.

    Organized Tour: If you don’t want to worry about transportation or navigating on your own, your best bet is to book an organized tour to Trogir. Organized tours are available for a full day or half day and depart from various Dalmatian cities including Split, Zadar, and Šibenik.

    By Train: If you are staying in Zagreb, you may be interested in traveling to Trogir by train. Although there is no direct line to Trogir, the train stops at the nearby village of Kaštel Stari from where you can hop on a local bus to reach Trogir.

    Where to Stay in Trogir

    Trogir is a quaint town, so don’t expect any major chains here. When it comes to Trogir accommodation, most of the options you’ll come across are privately run apartments and boutique hotels. Here are my top picks for where to stay in Trogir:

    🌟 Palace Central Square: Stay in the beating heart of the Old Town (literally). Located footsteps away from the cathedral, these apartments are the perfect place to be if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the historic sights and sounds of Trogir. The hosts here are extremely lovely and welcoming, making sure you feel right at home!

    🌟 Brown Beach House: Indulge in the exclusive luxury of Brown Beach House. This beautiful property boasts top-notch facilities and is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Trogir’s Old Town. It serves as an idyllic retreat where you can truly disconnect from the world, while the amenities and rejuvenating spa elevate the experience to a truly five-star level.


    Is Trogir worth visiting?

    Yes! Trogir is definitely worth visiting and can easily be incorporated into your Croatia itinerary as a day trip from Split or a stop along a Croatia road trip.

    Is Trogir a good place to stay?

    Trogir makes a great base for exploring southern Dalmatia. If you love quaint towns and beautiful beaches, Trogir might just be the place for you.

    Is there a beach in Trogir?

    The main beach in Trogir is Okrug Gornji Beach and is located just 3 kilometers from the historic old town on the island of Ciovo. The beach is pebbled with plenty of amenities nearby including showers, cafes, restaurants and bakeries.

    How much time do you need in Trogir?

    One day in Trogir is enough to see the highlights. 2-3 days is the perfect amount for visiting the nearby beaches and soaking up the history of the old town.

    What is Trogir famous for?

    Trogir is famous for having one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in central Europe. The historic center is considered to be an open air museum due to its mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and Romanesque buildings.

    Is Trogir cheaper than Split?

    During high season, Trogir and Split have very similar prices when it comes to accommodation, food, and entertainment.

    Can you drink the tap water in Trogir Croatia?

    Yes! Tap water in Croatia is clean and completely safe to drink, even in Trogir.

    Final Thoughts: Top Things to Do in Trogir Croatia

    And there you have it—your definitive guide to the best things to do in Trogir. From sipping specialty coffee in charming courtyards to hiking up rugged trails for panoramic island views, Trogir is sure to be a highlight of your Croatian adventure!

    Trust me, after exploring the cobbled streets, diving into the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, and savoring the local flavors of Trogir, you’ll find it incredibly hard to say goodbye. My tip – make the most of your time in this gorgeous UNESCO town and soak up every second.

    Before you go…be sure to check out this Split itinerary next!

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    🚗  Is it safe to rent a Car in Croatia?
    Yes! – In fact, renting a car in Croatia is one of the best ways to see the country! I recommend Discover Cars because they check both local and international rental companies to ensure you get the best deal. (Get your Croatia road trip itinerary here)

    💦 Is it safe to drink the water in Croatia?
    Tap water in Croatia is completely safe to drink, so bring your reusable water bottle and fill up!

    🪪 Do I need a visa for Croatia?
    Depending on where you are coming from you may or may not need a visa to enter Croatia. Check the official Republic of Croatia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information on who should apply for a visa.

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