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27 BEST Zagreb Cafes (Local’s Guide)

Searching for the best Zagreb cafes? Look no further — this local’s guide has got you covered with the top picks in the city.

In Zagreb, coffee is more than a drink; it’s the heartbeat of the city’s social life. Whether you’re catching up with friends, hashing out business details, or just need a moment to unwind, you’re never far from a cafe in this city — there’s practically one on every block.

But with so many options, finding that perfect cup can be a tall order. That’s where I step in. I’ve called Zagreb home for nearly a decade and I’ve got to admit, my daily coffee ritual has turned me into a bit of a connoisseur. I’ve searched the city high and low for the top cafes that meet all kinds of coffee cravings.

While I have a soft spot for specialty coffee shops that make a flawless flat white, I also appreciate a cafe that draws you in with its aesthetics and unique atmosphere. So, I’ve divided this post into two simple categories: the must-visit specialty coffee shops and other cool cafes in Zagreb that stand out for their distinct vibe.

Ready to find your new favorite coffee spot in Croatia’s vibrant capital? Let’s dive into Zagreb’s cafe scene!

The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Zagreb

1. Cogito

If I had to pick a favorite spot in Zagreb for a coffee fix, Cogito is right up there. They’re dotted across the city, each spot with its own laid-back vibe that’s perfect for easing into your day or taking a breather in the afternoon. And their coffee? *Chef’s kiss*.

Seriously though. If anyone knows how to do good coffee in Zagreb, it’s Cogito. They’re not just brewing beans, they’re also roasting them (you can see the process in action at their In the Yard location). No matter what your go-to brew is, they’ve got the whole range covered.

Think bold espressos, smooth americanos, velvety cortados, rich flat whites, and they even make their own cold brews. Plus, for a local sip, you can’t go past the classic kava s mlijekom (which is simply coffee with milk in Croatian).

📍 Locations:

Looking down onto a royal blue table hand-painted in a beautiful design with a cup of coffee sitting on a white saucer on top of it. The coffee is topped with perfectly executed heart-shaped latte art.
Cogito Urania location near Kvatric.

2. Express Bar

Express Bar is one of those charming spots you can’t help but adore. You’ll recognize it by the broken glass window that they’ve managed to transform into a piece of art.

This little gem is special because I used to work nearby in a building just off of Zrinjevac Park, and it became the go-to spot for my coworkers and me to escape for a coffee break. On many mornings, I would swing by on the way to work and pick up a round of their almond milk lattes that we all LOVED.

Express Bar is pretty snug inside, but don’t worry about space—they’ve also got a generous spread of seats out front where you can relax in the sun and people watch.

📍 Location: Petrinjska ul. 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

A close up of a cup of coffee on a wooden table with perfectly creamy foam on top.

3. Br00m44

Br00m44 burst into Zagreb’s cafe scene not so long ago and has stolen the show when it comes to veggie brunches. Situated right on the edge of Dolac Market, Br00m44 is the perfect spot to relax after perusing the stalls or to sit back and people watch as the locals come to do their morning grocery shopping.

This place is usually packed with hungry guests that come for breakfast on the weekends. But if you swing by during the week, you’ll slide into a seat no problem. Oh and you’ll get your coffee served in these gorgeous handmade mugs that are practically art! They’re for sale too, so you can buy one to take home with you (one of the best souvenirs in my opinion).

📍 Location: Dolac 8, 10000 Zagreb

Two freshly brewed cups of coffee with beautiful latte art served in handmade Japanese-style ceramic mugs.

4. Monocycle

Monocycle may be small in size, but its reputation for top-quality coffee is well known among Zagreb locals. Right across from the Croatian Association of Fine Artists, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a coffee break infused with the area’s artistic vibes.

When you walk into Monocycle, you’re greeted not just by the aroma of freshly ground coffee but by the owner, whose friendly chat makes you feel right at home. He’s dedicated his entire life to crafting the perfect cup, so you know that whatever you order will be made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

📍 Location: Ul. Kneza Mislava 17, 10000, Zagreb

5. Quahwha

Quahwha (I think it’s pronounced “kava” but don’t quote me on that) is a true standout when it comes to Zagreb coffee shops. They roast all of their beans in-house and you can tell they’re serious about it.

You’ll find a menu complete with photos and blurbs about all of their drinks on each table with loads of different aromas and flavors to choose from. This is one of the rare spots in the city where you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte in the fall!

Downstairs, they have a terrace and limited seating inside, but the upstairs is my favorite part of Quahwha and is the absolute coziest. It’s literally a little attic living room where you can sink into a sofa or lounge chair, coffee in hand, maybe typing away if you’re here to work.

There is even a small “cyber room” with individual desks, making it one of the best Zagreb cafes for a productive afternoon.

📍 Location: ul. Nikole Tesle 9/1, 10000, Zagreb

A dark green cup mug filled with coffee sitting on a lime green saucer on a wooden table with a laptop and glass of water. In the background is a cozy living room featuring a brick wall and a dark velvet sofa with plush throw pillows.

6. Luta

If you haven’t been to Marticeva yet, you’re missing out— it’s hands-down my favorite slice of Zagreb. Luta is a corner cafe tucked away in this very neighborhood and it’s all about chill vibes and cool, minimalistic decor that whispers trendy.

They let their coffee do the talking here, and boy does it have a lot to say with the variety of beans and brews available, including a solid pour over, which is hard to come by in Croatia. Personally though, their flat white is my go-to. It’s on point every single time.

If you’re serious about your coffee, mark Luta on your map. Honestly, if it was up to me, I’d set up camp in there. Plus, the baristas are absolutely fantastic! So don’t be shy in asking questions – they’ll be sure to help out any way they can.

📍 Location: Ul. Radoslava Lopašića 14, 10000, Zagreb

A close up of freshly brewed coffee with foam on top served in an orange mug on a white speckled saucer on top of a red table. There is a small brown leaf next to the mug on the saucer.

7. Figa Garden

This is one of Zagreb’s hidden gems, nicely tucked away in a cozy courtyard just off Gunduliceva Street. It’s the kind of peaceful nook where you can really savor your coffee, whether you choose to hang out inside their intimate shop or breathe in the fresh air on the terrace.

If you do visit Figa Garden, don’t leave without trying the Jerusalem Bagel. Forget everything you know about bagels because this isn’t your average one. It’s more bread-like with sesame seeds sprinkled on top and served with tahini, cream cheese, olives, and zataar. It’s the perfect pick-me-up in the morning or when the afternoon hunger hits.

📍 Location: Gundulićeva ul. 39, 10000, Zagreb

Two oval shaped bagels topped with sesame seeds on parchment paper with a little pile of zataar seasoning next to them, a smear of cream cheese, and a little metal cup filled with tahini.
The Jerusalem Bagel at Figa Garden.

8. NPU Cafe

If you’re a fan of Cogito coffee and stunning views, you’ve got to check out NPU Cafe. It’s a bit of a ride from the city center, nestled in the serene foothills of Medvednica Mountain. This spot is a special one, perched on a slope with a killer view of the historic Kumlerovi Dvori mansion.

The best part of NPU is the spacious patio dotted with colorful tables and chairs, making it a really gorgeous spot in autumn when the fall foliage is in full force. When winter rolls around, the place turns into an ultra cozy retreat.

NPU is also a good spot for getting some work done. Pop in on a weekday morning and you’ll likely spot a few other digital nomads with laptops. And if you’re tagging along with the family, the kids will love the playground right next door.

The best way to get to NPU is to take the 102 bus from Britanski Trg – the bus will drop you off right across the street from the cafe. It’s about a 15-minute ride. Alternatively, you can take the number 14 tram to Mihaljevac and then take the 102 bus to the bus stop right in front of the cafe (next to the Tisak).

📍 Location: Ul. Šestinski vijenac 2, 10000, Zagreb

A matcha latte perched on a wooden bar along a glass window served in an orange mug on top of a green saucer next to a glass container with pastries inside.

9. Filteraj

Right in the shadow of Zagreb’s grand cathedral, Filteraj is a new specialty coffee oasis with a focus on a plant-based and zero waste lifestyle. One of the coolest things about Filteraj is that they make their own plant-based milk right there in the cafe, which is pretty unique in Zagreb.

For the foodies, there’s more good news: their raw vegan cheesecakes are a hit, and they offer a tasty selection of plant-based sandwiches and kombucha to wash it all down. The team behind the counter couldn’t be more welcoming if they tried.

When it comes to space, they’ve got you covered with a comfy interior and not one, but two terraces – one on Vlaška Street and a somewhat secret terrace out back.

📍 Location: Vlaška ul. 10, 10000, Zagreb

Interior view of a lovely little coffee shop with white walls and arched ceilings. The space is filled with wooden chairs and tables with a few plants and two small pieces of artwork on the wall. In the distance is a door leading to the outdoor patio surrounded by lush greenery.
Interior view of Filteraj (Photo: Filteraj).

10. Eli’s Caffe

Eli’s Caffe is the OG specialty coffee shop of Zagreb, located just across the street from British Square on Ilica Street. The coffee here is a labor of love, expertly roasted, ground, and brewed to perfection.

What really sets Eli’s apart is the stellar customer service. The barista and owner is friendly and knowledgable, and will have you feeling like an old friend in no time. The seating at Eli’s may be limited to bar stools and the space a tad cozy, but the atmosphere and the coffee are well worth hanging around for a spot to open up.

📍 Location: Ilica 63, 10000, Zagreb

11. Four Wheel Coffee Roasters

Four Wheel Coffee Roasters are tucked away on the fourth floor of a nondescript office-like building right beside the Kvatric farmers market. It’s easy to walk by without a clue, but once you’re in on the secret, you’re in for a treat. The coffee here is outstanding.

The owner is a real maestro, treating every cup like a masterpiece. I recommend going on a good-weather day when you can snag a seat on the terrace. It’s a charming spot to sip your coffee with a view overlooking Zagreb’s rooftops that feels a little like your own private escape from the city buzz below.

📍 Location: Martićeva ul. 67/4, 10000, Zagreb

A closeup of a cup of freshly brewed coffee with foamy milk on top sitting on a wooden table.

12. Kava Kavana

Situated right across from Maksimir Park, this local and independent coffee shop is the only place in the city where you can indulge in the art of siphon coffee. The baristas here are super kind and eager to walk you through their coffee selection.

While the cafe’s tiny size adds to its charm, it can mean a full house at times. If you find yourself without a seat, don’t fret – take your coffee for a stroll in the park across the street and enjoy the sun.

📍 Location: Bukovačka cesta 27, 10000, Zagreb

13. Kavantura

Venture just a quick tram ride away from the city center, and you’ll find Kavantura near Jarun Lake. It’s the kind of place that feels like your neighborhood hangout spot, with an interior that is warm and inviting.

Kavantura has many different roasts, flavors, milks, and seasonal drinks on offer. Whatever you like, you’ll find it here. You can also choose from a wide variety of preparation techniques – like cold brew, filter coffee, and Turkish. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even purchase their beans and gear to take the Kavantura experience home with you.

📍 Location: Horvaćanska cesta 23a, 10000, Zagreb

A close up of a beautifully poured cup of coffee with perfectly creamy milk on top served in a gorgeous ceramic mug.

14. Yellow

This is Zagreb’s newest specialty coffee shop that I haven’t had the chance to visit yet, but I wanted to include it on this list because the word on the street (and some glowing reviews) suggest it’s a must-try.

Located right by the National Library, this cafe is decked out in yellow accents with a small seating area outside. If you’re planning a visit, keep an eye on the clock as they wrap up at 6:00 PM, a tad earlier than other spots in town. So if you’re in the area, swing by and check it out—I know I will!

📍 Location: Ul. Vladimira Preloga 9, 10000, Zagreb

Cool Cafes in Zagreb Worth Checking Out

Now that we’ve covered the best specialty coffee shops in Zagreb, the cafes listed below are more traditional and serve commercial coffee, but they stand out for their aesthetic interiors and overall unique vibes.

15. Korica

If you’re the kind who likes their coffee with a side of the best baked goods in town, you’re going to want to bookmark Korica. Situated in one of Zagreb’s prettiest buildings, Korica is easily the top bakery in the city.

They’re churning out mouthwatering sourdough bread, crusty baguettes, cruffins (a heavenly croissant-muffin hybrid), handcrafted sandwiches, and other delicious baked treats. My all-time favorite is their almond croissant!

Korica has several locations in the city, but this one on Preradoviceva Street is the largest with plenty of seating inside where you can have a bite and order a coffee. They also have cold brew and matcha lattes here!

📍 Location: Preradovićeva ul. 39, 10000, Zagreb

A flaky croissant topped with shaved almonds sitting on a blue speckled plate next to a blue speckled mug filled with coffee and a bakery counter in the background.
Korica’s mouthwatering almond croissant.

16. Très Chic Café

Looking for a slice of Parisian flair right here in Zagreb? Très Chic Café is your spot. True to its name, this place oozes chic from every corner with a funky, eclectic vibe that’ll have your Instagram feed looking sharp. It’s got a moody, maximalist decor that feels both trendy and timeless.

Apart from being a feast for the eyes, the service here is super friendly and it’s perfectly located in between Kvatric and the city center. In addition to great coffee, they also make awesome smoothies!

📍 Location: Vlaška ul. 101, 10000, Zagreb

A close up of a pink smoothie topped with fresh blueberries and mint leaves along with a bamboo straw.
Freshly made smoothie at Très Chic Café.

17. Velvet Cafe

When it comes to cozy cafes in Zagreb, Velvet is that perfect nook you’ve been looking for, nestled in Dezmanov Prolaz, a serene, pedestrians-only passage on the way up to the lush Tuškanac Park.

Step into this little haven and you’re met with an ambiance that’s artsy yet utterly warm, like a well-loved living room that just happens to have exceptional coffee and the most scrumptious cakes.

If you’re a tea lover, take note: the tea experience at Velvet is next level. And when the weather’s right, their patio is a dreamy escape—secluded, garden-like, and just the spot to take a breather from the buzz of the city.

📍 Location: Dežmanova ul. 9, 10000, Zagreb

A wooden tray topped with a silver teapot, two empty ceramic teacups, dry cookies, two tiny jars of honey, and a tiny ceramic pitcher filled with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
The ultimate tea tray at Velvet Cafe.

18. Program Bar

If you’re wandering around Martićeva, Zagreb’s hip district that’s a quick stroll from the main square, you’ve got to pop into Program Bar. It’s this funky coffee spot where you’ll find chairs dangling from the ceiling and other quirky art installations that give the place a unique vibe.

They’ve nailed the ambiance and tunes, so it’s a solid pick for when you’re in the mood for some cool background music with your coffee. There is also outdoor seating next to the park out front, making it the ideal spot to chill out on a sunny day.

📍 Location: Martićeva ul. 14F, 10000, Zagreb

19. A’e

A’e is like this secret little treasure in Zagreb. It’s not flaunting its presence, which means you could stroll by and not even know it’s there. It’s one of those “if you know, you know spots”.

Just a short walk up from the main square (Trg Ban Josip Jelacic), you’ll find yourself stepping through a back door and down an old wooden staircase, and bam— you’re greeted with this epic terrace overlooking the Zagreb cathedral and Tkalciceva Street. A’e is not only a great spot to enjoy coffee, but they make some amazing cocktails as well.

📍 Location: Ul. Pavla Radića 54, 10000, Zagreb

A hand holing up a blue speckled cup of coffee with a view of trees and the Zagreb Cathedral in the distance.

20. Palainovka

Tucked beneath the gaze of the Zagreb Observatory, Palainovka is like stepping back in time, away from the tourist track. It’s drenched in history, having first opened its doors in 1847, making it one of the oldest cafes in the city!

It’s the sort of place you’d miss if you weren’t looking, but once you find it, you’ll feel like you’ve unlocked a hidden chapter of Zagreb. With its covered terrace, it’s a quaint hideaway to unwind with a coffee, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And when you’re ready, take a leisurely stroll along the city promenade that starts from the cafe and leads to the Upper Town featuring views of the city and cathedral.

📍 Location: Ilirski trg, 10000, Zagreb

21. Kavana Lav

One of my favorite spots in the Upper Town, Kavana Lav is superbly charming and chic. They have the most darling little terrace overlooking Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate) with a limited amount of seating, so it feels extra special when you snag a spot.

Inside it’s just as welcoming – the kind of place you’d linger over a coffee without noticing the hours slipping by. Speaking of coffee, they serve Illy here, which basically guarantees a quality cup. In addition to coffee, they also have a nice cake selection. If you’re up for a recommendation, go for the carrot cake!

📍 Location: Opatička ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb

A colorful blue tiled table with two cups of coffee served in antique blue cups, a bouquet of red tulips, and slice of carrot cake on a transparent glass plate.

22. Botaničar

Botaničar feels like a slice of the nearby botanical gardens has crept inside, with its lush greenery setting a super relaxed vibe. It’s a hit with the cool and creative types – you’ll see plenty of young folks and artists hanging out here. The inside is a prime spot to chill with a coffee, but there is also plenty of seating that spills out onto the sidewalk, plus a few tables across the street under the trees.

Botaničar also doubles up as an art space, often hosting exhibitions from skilled painters and illustrators. The decor keeps changing as the art comes and goes, which means there’s always something new to see every time you drop by.

📍 Location: Trg Marka Marulića 6, 10000, Zagreb

A cup of coffee served in a white mug on a pastel pink saucer on a table next to a laptop and plant featuring a play of sunlight and shadows.

23. Park Cafe (Maksimir)

Ahh Park Cafe will always hold a special place in my heart because for a long time it was my neighborhood cafe. I would catch up with friends here on the weekdays and spend relaxing mornings here on the weekends.

The vibe just cannot be compared to any other cafe in the city – I realize I might be biased, BUT there’s a reason this place is packed every Saturday and Sunday! It’s got a super cool aesthetic and gorgeous terrace that overlooks the park, making it the perfect spot to gather with friends.

📍 Location: Bukovačka cesta 25, 10000, Zagreb


KAVKAZ Kazališna Kavana (theater cafe) is where you’ll find the Zagreb locals chilling out. It’s a spot with serious style, decked out in modern art deco that gives it a splash of luxury. When you go down to the bathroom you’ll also see displays of beautiful theater costumes, adding a little drama to the place.

Step outside and you’re treated to a spacious patio that serves up front-row views to the National Theater, one of the most regal buildings in the city. While you’re sipping on your coffee or maybe even a cocktail, you can nibble on some breakfast items or indulge in a sweet treat.

All in all, KAVKAZ is a winner every time.

📍 Location: Trg Republike Hrvatske 1, 10000, Zagreb

A woman sitting at a table with a bronze statue of a famous Croatian author on the terrace of KAVKAZ cafe with the yellow Croatian National Theater visible across the street.

25. Most Unusual Garden

Just a stone’s throw from Jarun Lake, you’ll find the Most Unusual Garden (also called Hendrick’s Gin Garden), which is exactly what it sounds like – an offbeat café that’s become one of my favorite summer hangouts.

It’s a quirky garden setup with multi-level seating, and yes, they’ve got an actual treehouse. Climb up and they’ll bring your coffee right to the treetops!

They’ve just recently added a Victorian winter garden for the chillier months ahead. It is absolutely stunning, featuring all glass walls, an intricate tiled floor and lots of plants inside. I’m already picturing myself there on a frosty morning, coffee in hand, staying cozy while the garden glistens outside!

📍 Location: Horvaćanska cesta 3, 10000, Zagreb

26. Bulldog

Bulldog is an English-style pub located right near Cvjetni Trg (Flower Square). This cafe has a long history and is very popular among locals. It is the spot to be on a Saturday morning if you want to see and be seen.

Inside, it’s all cozy vibes and British flair, but for the real Zagreb cafe culture experience, grab a seat outside. With ample outdoor seating, it’s prime territory for people-watching and enjoying the buzz of the city.

📍 Location: Bogovićeva ul. 6, 10000, Zagreb

27. Booksa

Booksa is a lowkey hangout in the Marticeva neighborhood. It’s more like a club than a cafe, and you have to be a member to use their space and order coffee. Anyone can become a member, all you have to do is show your ID or passport and pay the 2 EUR yearly membership fee.

Once inside, you’re welcomed into a snug and serene environment. You’ll find a self-service counter where you can pick up a hot tea or a fresh brew and then settle into a nook with a good read or your laptop.

It’s an ideal retreat for those looking to write, study, or just revel in the quietude, far from the smoke and clamor of typical cafes. Booksa is all about the peace, books, and good energy.

📍 Location: Martićeva ul. 14d, 10000, Zagreb

An exterior view of Booksa, a cafe and literary club located in Marticeva street. The sign Booksa is written in yellow and there are two benches out front of the cafe with red seat cushions.

Final Thoughts on Zagreb Cafes

That wraps up my list of the best cafes in Zagreb! With 27 specialty coffee shops and cool cafes to choose from, I hope you find a spot that you love. No matter which of these places you decide on, it will certainly help you get a real feel for the city.

Before you go, make sure you know the best areas to stay in Zagreb!

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